Marine Coordination and Production Support

Direct Marine Support™

Our Location Services in the Bahamas along with our newly established Marine Studio provides the production company with a one-stop shop to fulfill their marine requirements in a given locale. Along with our in-house fleet of boats, we also have access and agreements with many local guides and sources. We can provide:

  • Camera Boats
  • Dive Support Boats
  • Utility and Transport Boats
  • Security Boats
  • Rescue Boats
  • Character and Prop Boats
  • Whalers, RIBs, yachts, barges, tugs, etc
  • Services
  • Location Scouting
  • Prop Construction
  • Crew and Equipment Transport
  • Fixer Services and Local Logistical Support
  • Site Security
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Technical Advisors
  • Maritime/Rescue/Salvage/Dive
  • Military Special Operations
  • Special Operations Medicine
  • Conflict Zone Survival and Crisis Management
  • Dive Supervisors
  • Dive Technicians
  • Rescue and Safety Divers
  • Dive Medics
  • Underwater Props
  • Site and Scene Layout/Construction
  • Underwater Rigging
  • Salvage/Salvage Re-enactment